QwizMire is a question and answer game that is similar to Jeopardy. It is designed to be used in a whole group situation using TV screens or preferably a digital projector on a single large screen. The built-in quiz editor allows you to quickly and easily create custom quizzes for any topic. These quizzes may be saved and re-edited for later use. Once the questions and answers are entered and saved, a Word compatible RTF file may be saved and printed that includes a pre-game question work sheet for students and an answer key for the teacher. For more details about QwizMire and some tips on how to use it in your classroom download and view the readme file.

Current version is 1.2.0. It incorporates improvements in RTF question export, spell checking, and various other fixes.

QwizMire is FREE. QwizMire is available for Mac OS X, Mac Classic, and Windows. You may use it any way you wish as long as you maintain the copyright notices. All QwizMire features owe themselves to suggestions by users like you who put it into "real world" situations. QwizMire was created and is maintained by Ola Olsson, a science resource teacher at Grant Math / Science Magnet School in San Diego, CA. Any questions or suggestions may be directed to the generic mail link to the left or to Ola directly: oolsson@sandi.net.

Below is the basic QwizMire window. Clicking on any of the cells will reveal a question that must be answered to score a point.

Shown below is the editor window. This is where questions and answers are entered and saved as separate QwizMire data files. Data files may be loaded at any time to be reused. Notice the various options but especially the "Save Test Sheets" option which allows you to save a Word compatible document to distribute to your students before the game.

The "Set Labels" option allows you to create customized cell labels that emulate the real Jeopardy game. This, of course, requires that you organize the questions carefully by degree of difficulty. When using labels the "randomize" feature is disabled.

The following image shows a sample question as it appears when one of the cells is clicked. This is one of the questions from the sample data file that is provide with the download.

If the player and/or team gets the answer correct the "check" button confirms it as shown below. The teacher needs to know whether the answer is correct before clicking the "check" button.

Pressing the "correct" button in the answer drop-down window marks that cell as used by coloring it red.

Download QwizMire
for Mac OS X

Download QwizMire for Win32

Download read-me file

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