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What users say about PanCanvasPro:

PanCanvasPro is a professional quality video tool that's very easy to use. Whether I'm working out a pan for a title sequence from a scanned-in production background, or turning a handful of snapshots from last night's party into a playful, over-the-top gag reel, PanCanvasPro's smooth and intuitive interface allows me to quickly test my ideas and get the movie made!

Greg Reyna
Animation Director, Warner Bros. "Animaniacs",
and long-time student of film grammar

PanCanvasPro offers an affordable and intuitive method of producing broadcast quality rostrum work from stills to use in our productions. Although we use Wintel, PanCanvasPro is available for Macintosh and takes advantage of some display features of that platform.

Editing software such as Adobe Premiere has built in features to zoom and track around a still, but PanCanvasPro provides a customizable, more intuitive interface and with greater control. As a standalone product we do not need to run the program on our main editing machines, sequences can be prepared on a less powerful machine and added to the relevant bin which helps greatly with work-flow.

I don't believe any software package can, or should try to, 'do it all' and PanCanvasPro has joined other indispensable programs, such as Virtual Dub, Aura, Blender, SubTitler Pro, and QuickTime which are all used here on a daily basis.

We specialize in providing 'affordable solutions' and to save costs many of our clients provide material for us to incorporate - often this is of less than optimum quality. They have been amazed how, with a little imaginative movement (using PanCanvasPro) their images can 'come alive'.

David Liddle,
Video and Multi-media Producer
Digital Silver
Edinburgh, Scotland

When we need to create a slideshow everything seems "flat", but with PanCanvasPro we can make photos look like a movie – fast, easy, smooth, and with only one application.

With this great piece of software we can extend the length of our movies, just "animating" our photos in various different ways.
It works flawlessy for Mac and Windows, and in PAL also.

I think that PanCanvasPro changes the phrase "a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words."

Nuno Pereira
Imagens @ Metro

Though Ken Burns can't claim to have invented the concept of motion control, he's surely made it a cliche of contemporary video vernacular. Of course, just because it's more commonplace now to see a "movie" that's really just a single image being panned across by the camera, that doesn't mean it's easy to achieve the effect. And though there's plenty of motion control software out there, unfortunately for the pocket book, it's often part of a much larger and very expensive package. And in the case of Adobe Premier, the pan canvas tools are well-hidden and convoluted in their execution.

Enter PanCanvasPro: a strictly-dedicated motion control package that does the job marvelously, while leaving the wallet intact.

Here at Digitalis Studio, we've been using PanCanvas since it first appeared as an accessory to ImageFX, back in the golden age of The Amiga Computer. With every incarnation, PanCanvas has become easier to use and more dramatic in its results. With the release of the Pro version, PanCanvas has come into its own.

We cover the local club scene, and regularly produce a show for area TV called "Rave Is A Four-letter Word." The show consists of live dance footage, interleaved with animation and processed still graphics. Scenes we can depend on to inspire enthusiastic "wows" from responding viewers are those in which we utilize PanCanvasPro to move across "the landscape" of an interesting graphic. Expensive and tedious to do with other software packages, PanCanvasPro enables us to achieve such crowd-pleasing effects with remarkable ease and affordability.

Mike McCool
Eugene, OR

PanCanvasPro to the rescue!
As the builder of many government (Federal and State) training packages, AST Inc. produces a great many stills and avi's. Upon returning from a recent video shoot that used many police cars and ambulances, we realized that we missed shooting a fire truck sequence! PanCanvasPro to the rescue. I took a still of a fire truck and panned between the points of interest, added narration, and it was great. Also saved BIG $$. Would not be without PanCanvasPro on my computer!!

Dan Webley
Director Of Information Technology
Advanced Systems Technology, Inc.
Lawton, Oklahoma

I am not a video pro, but PanCanvasPro has worked flawlessly for me for several projects. I built up a panorama of Tianamen Square with PhotoShop and used PanCanvasPro to create a video that slowly panned across the Square. I was done in a few minutes and had a professional quality file that worked flawlessly in Keynote.

It is also easy to import finished videos into iMovie, and PCP's flexibility will allow it to create HD videos for iMovieHD!

Keith Barkley
Los Angeles CA