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PanCanvasPro produces movie files from still images by panning over the surface. These movie files may then be loaded into video editing applications for inclusion in larger video productions.

The following are some of the features built in to PanCanvasPro:

  • Unlimited rotation of camera.
  • Unlimited image size (limited to RAM only).
  • Camera can track perpendicular to the path to simulate a fly-over.
  • Unlimited user-defined frame sizes.
  • Specify pan length in frames or seconds.
  • Specify lead-in and/or lead-out (stationary pause).
  • User-defined ease settings to control speed of camera along the path.
  • Built-in image processing including, NTSC filter, image scaling, image padding, and image blur.
  • Built-in motion blur effects including, linear blur, polar blur, and zoom blur. Blur effects can be linked to the ease settings which dynamically modify intensity according to velocity of camera.
  • Grid snap for precise, repeatable camera positioning.
  • Configuration file save option to save all aspects of current project. This allows the user to repeat a project at a later time.
  • Control setting save option to save user favorite control settings. These are automatically loaded at startup.
  • Can open any QuickTime capable image.
  • Can be called from another application to accept and process an image. For example, iPhoto can use PanCanvasPro as an external processor allowing for efficient work flow.
  • Bounce setting adds a reversed or loop rendering to output.
  • Outputs a single QuickTime file or a directory of user defined sequential single images (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PICT). These are easily loaded into video editing applications.
  • Path is defined as either a straight line or Bezier curve.
  • Real-time preview window with scrub slider.
  • Standard pixel aspect settings including, NTSC DV, NTSC D1, NTSC Widescreen, PAL DV/D1, PAL Widescreen, and square.
  • Output can be interlaced with odd or even field dominance.
  • Can render any part of the entire sequence. This allows user to test parts of the project where anomalies might occur due to overly slow camera speed or undersized image.
  • Suggested, optimum image size indicators to warn if image is too small for camera size.
  • Available for Mac OS X, and Windows XP (should work with but has not been tested with 98, NT, or 2000).

As simple as the interface may appear the results are anything but simple. It will quickly let you produce anything from a 100 x 100 QuickTime web movie to production video clips. PanCanvasPro is not a video editor. It does not include audio recording capabilities. It is designed for one purpose which is to give video editors a professional yet easy-to-use tool for producing motivating video clips from still images.

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